Welcome to Pheasant Surgical

Dear Friends,
We are a company with great human experience, Where we are committed to a comprehensive and complete service. Our production facility, believed to be the best and largest in the industry; is Designed to handle serial production volumes. We can realize all stages of production totally inside of our company, from the first custom model to logistics.

We have a common goal, actually the small idea of the client is a great project for us. Thanks to our team of professionals, we can transfer every idea to reality by using much reduced production processes. You can find anything on PHEASANT SURGICAL up to the unimaginable, with a variety of finishes and great combination of materials.
Examinations of the material, hardness, pattern and extent of grinding of the instruments are essential parts of the quality control process at PHEASANT SURGICAL along with functional and optical checks. There are four main categories of instruments, General surgery, Electro surgical, Dental & Veterinary instruments those we are producing at daily basis for our valued customers worldwide. However, we always welcome new comers for custom made instruments. If you have any inquiry please don't hesitate to write us. We will be delighted to serve you best quality instruments at very competitive prices with very short delivery times.

Team Pheasant Surgical Corp.